John FitzGerald
London, Ontario, Canada
I am an independent research consultant, trained in psychological and psychometric research methods (M. A., University of Toronto; National Research Council Scholarship). I have over 30 years' experience in research in education and social services. Following is a list of services I can provide; I'm also willing to consider providing others.


Conduct of all aspects of program evaluation: consultation with staff, design of instruments, sampling, administration, data analysis, and reporting.

I am experienced with a wide range of evaluation topics conducted in co-operation with a wide range of groups:  budget assignment, staff assignment, equity issues, drug and alcohol use, student recruitment, records management, computer use, opinion polling, foster care, evaluation of day care centres, selection procedures for special education, quality of working life, consumer satisfaction, rehabilitation etc. I would be glad to discuss this experience with you.

I am especially experienced in making rating scales more efficient. If you use rating scales to make decisions about either budget or staff, I can tell you whether you're collecting useful information and rating it properly.

Award and honourable mention in the evaluation report awards competition of the American Educational Research Association for evaluation projects on class size and part-time employment.


Design and creation of databases. Examination, cleaning, and rebuilding of existing databases to improve efficiency.


Extensive experience in assessing the adequacy of assessment procedures, including psychometric evaluation of placement instruments. Extensive experience in the construction of attitude scales.

Experienced in analysis of variance, factor analysis, and multiple linear regression. I never construct a regression equation by an automatic procedure, and I never use default criteria to extract a factor structure.

And I can explain it all in plain English.


If you have doubts about the conclusions drawn from a set of data, I can re-analyze them and give you an independent opinion. Or I can read and critique a report of the results.



Complete report writing services. Reports are written on the principle that no single variable is interesting in itself, but only in relation to other variables. I also believe that plain English is preferable to pseudo-technicalities, and strive to make a report immediately comprehensible by its intended audience.


Evaluation of a vocational program for adults with acquired brain injuries

Evaluation of two programs of rehabilitation for adults with acquired brain injuries

An analysis of consumer satisfaction with rehabilitation clinics in Northern Ontario

Data analysis and report production for an evaluation of parenting programs in Ontario sponsored by Health Canada

Two national surveys of members of a voluntary organization

A provincial survey of consumers of the services of an Ontario non-profit organization. The questionnaire was based on my analysis of the results of focus groups and detected strong differences as a result.

Design and production of reports for a national survey of social programs.

Repeated evaluations of an employment services program, an adult basic education program, and a program to help people with disabilities purchase assistive devices (wheelchairs, etc.)

Quality of working life surveys

A survey of participants in a province-wide educational program in Ontario.

Revision of enrolment projection formulas.

Design and production of standardized testing reports.

Evaluation of a prototype questionnaire battery for young children.

Analysis of variables affecting enrolment in special education.

Qualitative analysis of focus groups


I will gladly provide a fee schedule, references, a resume, writing samples, and any other professional information you need. 

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